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 Cathy Yang- Erhu Performing Artist The internationally acclaimed virtuoso enters her 6th year as Ensemble in Residence at the University of Delaware.She is on the roster of California Artists Management.Cathy Yang was born into a well-known musician family in Beijing. She began her  musical studies on Erhu (known as the Chinese violin), Guzheng (Chinese zither) and piano at  age five, and soon began performing in public. A year later, one of China's most celebrated  musical figures, Wang Guotong, heard Yue in recital and strongly encouraged her to  pursue musical studies at the Chinese Central Conservatory. Wang took Cathy under his musical  wing, instructing her as well as providing numerous opportunities of performances. During her  conservatory years, Cathy Yang received first prize in the Long Yin Instrumental Performance  Competition in 1996, the gold medal in Ministry of Culture Annual Music Competition in 1999,  and the Chinese National Cultural Foundation Scholarship in 1997 and 1998 – an honor  bestowed upon four musicians out of more than 5,000.
 In 1999, Cathy Yang was awarded a Bachelor degree with top honors by the Central  Conservatory of Music (cited by professional musicians in the world as the “Julliard School of  China”), having served as the solo Erhu player and concertmaster in the resident China Central  Conservatory Orchestra for four years. In 2000, Ms. Yang began her international solo career as  she was engaged by the National traditional orchestra of China as a soloist and performed  frequently as a soloist with that ensemble, touring extensively throughout Asia, Europe and  North America. During the Orchestra's 2000 tour, Cathy Yang was the feature soloist at Lincoln  Center, New York and the Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C. In the following year, the  Japanese-Chinese Cultural Arts Center awarded her a fellowship comprised of a year-long  residency in Tokyo. CathyYang toured Japan during that year extensively, giving concerts,  master-classes, and recording CDs.  Upon returning to Beijing, CathyYang became a professor  at the China Contemporary Cultural Academy and became a member of the Chinese Musicians  Association and the China Nationalities Orchestra Society. In 2004, she recorded two debut solo  CD's for the Tian Tian record publishing house - one of China’s largest recording companies  located in Beijing, China and they soon became the best sellers in China. After these releases,  Cathy Yang made more than 50 television appearances playing Erhu on national television  stations broadcasted in over 125 countries worldwide serving more than one billion TV viewers.  In 2005 Yue appeared as an Erhu and Guzheng soloist in Nike Morris's Wheel of Life, traveling  to Johannesburg, South Africa and then to London for performances at the West End's Peacock  Theater. In 2007 the Chinese National Government chose Ms. Yang to be a cultural ambassador  to give concerts in Vienna, Frankfurt and Munich. She was also invited by Chinese Central  Television to be a cultural representative performing in Beijing and Los Angeles in promoting  and celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. 
 In May 2008, while visiting the U.S., Cathy Yang appeared before thousands of New York Met  fans, playing Erhu at The Asia Night – the first appearance by a traditional Chinese musician at  Shea Stadium. Ms. Yang was a featured soloist in the 2008 Spoleto Festival (Charleston, South  Carolina) in 20 performances of The Monkey's Journey to the West – by Damon Albarn of Blur,  and Gorillaz fame. As a visiting artist, Cathy Yang participated frequently in community  outreach programs in New York and the East Coast, performing in schools and retirement  homes, libraries, and hospitals. In 2009, she also successfully presented a concert-- “Eastern  Violin Meets Western Violin” in Washington with international concert violinist Xiang Gao and  a solo recital in New York. In 2010, Cathy Yang established the world traveling 6ixwire project  – a cross over duet from classical to rock with violinist Xiang Gao and she was invited by the  University of Delaware’s Institute for Global Studies to be an artists in residence during its  International Education Week, giving concerts and lectures on Chinese musical culture. 6ixwire  Project’s world debut with internationally renowned collaborative pianist Rita Sloan took place  on campus of the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware on the 12th of November, 2010    during the University of Delaware Master Players Concert Series concert “Erhu and Violin-  6ixwire Project”.  In the same year, Cathy Yang was the featured soloist who successfully  premiered Sleep now, O Earth, the theme song for the U.S. celebration concert of the 40th  anniversary of Earth Day. 
 As the world’s absolute top Erhu performer and recording artist who recently released another  CD, Cathy Yang became the first choice of guest artist to solo perform for major events in the  nation’s capital hosted by Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Zhang Yesui for world leaders and  VIP guests. In May of 2011, Cathy Yang was invited by Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Zhang  Yesui to solo perform to pay tribute to Washington National Opera general director and world  famous opera sensation Placido Domingo and his 15-year tenure with the company. In January  of 2012, Cathy Yang was invited by Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Mr. Zhang Yesui again to  solo perform at the Meridian International Center in Washington D.C. during the official event  hosted by the ambassador himself for VIP guests from all over the nation’s capital and abroad  celebrating the Chinese New Year. On January 22 2012, Cathy Yang made her Strathmore  Music Center debut. (Strathmore Center located in Maryland is one of the world’s most  prestigious concert venues in performing arts and the Maryland home of the Baltimore  Symphony and National Symphony Orchestra)
 In addition to her classical and traditional Chinese concerts worldwide, as a pop singer and jazz  musician, Cathy Yang is also an A-list crossover music star in China. In October 2011, as a  member of 6ixwrie Project, Cathy Yang performed an original song “Dream of Persia” on  national TV in China which was broadcasted in 15 countries, serving more than one billion  audiences worldwide.During the same trip, Cathy Yang was featured as a soloist with the ECNU  symphony orchestra in Shanghai during public concerts performing virtuoso pieces. In 2011,  Cathy Yang was also granted the “2011 Established Artists Award” by the China Music  Foundation (U.S.A.), one of the highest awards granted to a musician worldwide who has made  an impact in the field of music.
 In December of 2011, Cathy Yang as a member of 6ixwrie Project gave a solo recital at the Xia  Men University(XU) in China and also gave a solo concert at the FuZhou Grand theatre, one of  Asia’s most prestigious concert halls. In February of 2012, Cathy Yang  leaded 6ixwrie  Project’s  jazz concert tour in the U.S. and China. In April of 2012, she was invited by the  University of  Delaware to be the artists in residence and music director of the largest concert  production on  campus “Encounters”- a theatrical concert that brings the audience back to the  Qing  Dynasty(1644-1912) with many delightful and memorable artistic elements to promote  cultural  understanding and exchange..  In May of 2011, 6ixwire Project was the feature  ensemble by the
 Washington National Opera during its most significant annual celebration event, “the Opera  Ball” which is cited as the highlight of all social and philanthropic events in the nation's capital.  6ixwire’s Opera Ball performance was host under the patronage of world famous opera sensation  Placido Domingo and Zhang Yesui, Chinese ambassador to the U.S.

Cathy Yang with 6-wire Ensemble performing for U.S Vice president Joe Biden at inauguration of 
 University of Delaware in Dec.9,2016 and Nov.10 ,2017.

 Cathy Yang performs with 6ixwire project around the world. She also founded her  Cathy Music Studio to teach music in Rockville ,Gaithersburg of Maryland and offer Erhu  and  Zither(Guzheng)lessons through program at the UD community music school (CMS) .